These are pictures of the chrome work I had done

The first 5 are of the Primary.  The inner was really messed up.  The Chromer said he couldn't get the nickel layer to stick because the metal had magnesium in it (the nickel is what you actually see, the chrome is a "clear coat".  It has bubbles.  He states it shouldn't peel, and it is on hidden surfaces.  He did offer to try again, but I figured the I had waited long enuff and didn't want to delay the project anymore, or go across the lake again to get it.  I will let Joe Malfa decide--he has a chromer in reno if needed.  If you are sending to Joe, keep that in mind.

The Outer primary has some pitting on the bottom, as you can see in the pictures.

The next 2 are of the upper and lower rockers.  These pieces actually came out pretty good.  Next 2 are of  the tach, which I disassembled.  This also came out relatively well.  Next are the buddy pegs.  No real problem there.  They weren't aware that I had other rubbers, and I assumed they would take them off. I'll have to take off the rubbers and do a little more polishing. Next is the coil cover.  This was polished before.  It came out relatively well also.  Finally, the last three are of the forward controls.  For the most part this was ok.  the brake lever, however, had the same problem as the primary on the rear.  I'll probably have to get that redone also.  Again, he offered to re-do any pieces that peeled.  The chromer also cautioned against tightening too much on the pieces as this may crack them...that has me a little worried.

The chromer did the disassembly on the forward controls and master cylinder.  My total bill was $1070 for all the pieces.  I left a $100 deposit when I dropped off and they took off $100 for the primary.  About $200 was labor for disassembly and prep of the forward controls.

My final analysis of the shop is:  well...I had mixed reviews...I graded them a 71/90 by giving each piece (9 total) a rating of 1-10, with 1 being piss poor and 10 being show quality.  The lowest was the inner primary at 2 and the highest were the rockers and coil

Show quality--No! I think they may not spend enough time buffing/polishing/finishing the under layers, as you can see by the minor pitting on some of the pieces.  Also, i wonder if the problem with the primary was not enough cleaning of the oil?? Can they do a good job?  I think they can, but if I were to use them again, I would do as much prep work (cleaning, disassembly, etc) as I could.  Would I use them again?....well, not if I find a better shop.  Time--I think time was about 6 weeks or so.  If you're in a rush, this mite not be the place.  As it turned out in my case, it was not worth the wait.  Price--I think they are reasonable, especially if you are not looking for show quality.  I was hoping for near show quality.  They did concentrate on the show surfaces, and for the most part, they will look fine on the bike.  They are nice people and have a lot of chickens running in and out the house! 

Update:  I put the forward controls back together and the CHIPPED/FLAKED!  My rating has gone down to 65/90!


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